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Tech in a Truck

Customized Facility Maintenance Services in Brevard County

With our Tech In A Truck service, you can coordinate all the facility maintenance services you need with one phone call. We can customize the facility services you need when you need them. Our skilled techs are trained and equipped to handle all of your regular preventative needs and take care of any other issues you may have- whether you need the plumbing repaired, a door rehung, a light replaced, or something as simple as a picture hung.

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Our techs cheerfully and professionally provide repair solutions on the spot, and their visits can be scheduled for weekly, monthly, quarterly, or “as needed” visits, tailored to what best suits you. If your service issue requires more in-depth professionals, our techs will call in the appropriate RUSH Facilities response team to get the job done, whether our HVAC, electrical, construction, environmental/custodial, or our disinfection teams. We also have a menu of services with an itemized list of some of the services we offer- but of course, this is to get you started- if your needed service is not already on the list, contact us- we can take care of it for you.

Contact RUSH Facilities today to allow us to customize a Tech In A Truck program for you.