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Facility Solar Energy Services

We help keep you going- sustainably!

RUSH Facilities provides complete electrical services from new electric installations, repair services, efficiency retrofits, and introduction to and installation of green energy technologies, including EV charging stations and solar/photovoltaic arrays. In addition to providing and installing your energy needs, the RUSH Facilities team offers lifecycle maintenance for a range of energy generation systems. Introducing energy retrofits, solar energy, and energy-efficient lighting into your facility result in cost efficiencies and increased energy savings for you.

Our team of electrical service technicians can handle a wide range of services to help keep your facility running smoothly and your guests, clients, students, and employees safe. From wiring and panel upgrades to bulb changes, we handle it all with precision and care. You can count on RUSH Facilities for reliable electrical repairs and installations.

Turnkey, customized solar solutions

Working with our partner, Liberty Watt, we provide complete, turnkey solar solutions. We approach each project with a custom solution tailored to meet each site’s unique challenges. Our team allows design and construction to be seamlessly integrated, assuring end-to-end quality, cost control, and accountability. We also are able to integrate into your existing facilities.

Our solar energy services include:

  • Design and Build
  • Battery Backup Systems
  • Commercial Rooftops
  • Utility-Scale Ground Mounts
  • Parking Lot Canopies
  • Charging Stations
  • Solar Thermal
  • Operations & Maintenance

Solar Combined with Battery Backup

The combination of solar power and a battery backup system can be a highly attractive renewable energy solution. These technologies complement each other in several ways:

Our Florida sun produces energy during the peak demand period while at the same time charging your batteries. Batteries can provide “backup” in the event of a power outage.

Working with Liberty Watt, we can recommend applicable rebates for these energy-producing technologies, allowing you and your organization to derive the maximum benefit from both solar energy production and battery backup.

The installation of solar panels with batteries can maximize the energy production from available space, since a solar array gets installed outside and the batteries are stored inside, you can maximize your unused spaces. A battery backup system complements the solar installation, producing power both day and night if needed.

Contact us to schedule a consultation or to learn how we can introduce green energy into your facility.