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Facility Equipment Optimization

We offer innovative solutions for facilities and workplaces to increase equipment efficiencies!

At RUSH Faculties, we are committed to providing equipment optimization services that focus on continuous improvement and cost savings. We draw on proven experience to extend an asset’s life and reduce unforeseen breakdown by implementing proper maintenance strategies. Our cost reduction strategies and process improvements are designed to increase operations efficiency and productivity through equipment optimization.

When your facility was originally built, or your equipment was initially installed, they may have been the best in safety, efficiency, and productivity. As time passes and new laws are introduced, your equipment and facility need to be kept up to date and in compliance. The RUSH Facilities team brings their experience to recommend the latest innovations and developments to make sure your equipment and facility always meet your business requirements needs and is optimized for performance, reliability, and compliance.

Our team can recommend and install upgrades, modernization, and optimizations of your equipment and facility to take advantage of technological advancements and efficiency improvements to meet new quality requirements or safety and environmental requirements as well as enhance your bottom line. This process can include new equipment, new control systems, or the implementation of new techniques. Advantages to you are seen in the reduction of operating costs and the extended lifetime of equipment and your facility, improved productivity through less downtime and enhanced performance, reduced energy consumption, and assistance in achieving emission targets. Upgrading, modernizing, or optimizing your equipment or facility can increase your ROI.

Our team can assist you with:

  • Leading and providing technical expertise for planning, managing, and implementation in synergy with continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Assessing all components that contribute to the total cost of ownership
  • Identification of direct cost savings
  • Proactive avoidance of maintenance downtime
  • Data manipulation and analysis (graphical and statistical)
  • Building and implementing a sustainable control plan, including a complete building automation system

To learn more about how we’re helping Brevard County businesses optimize their equipment, contact us today!