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Facility Asset Management

Your facility assets should operate safely, professionally, and efficiently at all times.

Managing your physical facility assets in an effective and sustainable manner is critical in today’s economy, where everyone is trying to stretch their facilities’ budgets and investors are demanding more out of their assets. We align with your objectives: we adopt a whole-of-life view of performance and maintenance to achieve optimal asset life span. RUSH Facilities can help you develop a strategic asset-management plan that is aligned with your key business objectives by increasing reliability and reducing your facility management costs. We can recommend and integrate smart design strategies with cost-efficient and renewable technologies.

Located in Brevard County, the RUSH Facilities team can provide you with expert business and solution consulting for equipment implementation, expansion and upgrades, as well as introduce new sustainable and green technologies to your facilities. We can assist you in identifying a business problem that you want to solve, research available options, and recommend the best solution for your needs. Our team will implement, monitor, maintain and optimize your facilities assets through supporting incidents, providing existing equipment assessment with optimization to accelerate ROI, continue to suggest and provide equipment enhancements, keep your equipment up-to-date with product releases and help you plan for future growth and facility enhancement enabling you to be proactive rather than reactive.

While everyone has an eye on their bottom line, we understand that your first priority is providing a safe and efficient facility environment for those important to you. RUSH Facilities’ Asset Management capabilities allow you to provide that environment in a cost-efficient manner.

Facility Asset Management Best Practices:

  1. Inventory: We will create a list of the assets you maintain and include as much information as possible- photos, location, serial number, barcode, warranty details, etc.
  2. Categorize: We will develop asset categories that make the most sense for your organization, allowing easier location, tracking, and maintenance of your assets.
  3. Assessment: Our team will log the current condition and life expectancy of your assets, pull any existing maintenance history, determine your asset value and calculate the repair and replacement costs.
  4. Maintain: We will address any existing issues found, and utilize work orders to track maintenance and repairs including parts, labor, hours, costs, etc.
  5. Establish Standards: RUSH Facilities can keep track of asset manuals, monitor warranties, define maintenance task lists, and develop a preventative maintenance schedule.

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