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Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

Convenient digital work order submission and asset documentation

RUSH Facilities utilizes a cloud-based computerized maintenance management system software (CMMS) as a historical record of your facility’s equipment assets, its maintenance requirements, and service records. As a RUSH Facilities customer, we give you access to generate CMMS work orders from your desk- you can put in a service request without even picking up the phone!

When the RUSH Facilities team is assigned a facility’s asset to maintain, that asset’s information is input into the CMMS system and a record is generated to document all maintenance and service requirements in order to maintain the equipment warranty, and to optimize the performance and ROI of the asset.  Documenting all “touches” to the asset makes it easier to note trends in its performance and to propose the best type and frequency of maintenance for the asset. The CMMS record optimizes maintenance schedules, allows RUSH Facilities insights into your asset inventory, to avoid scrap and rework, to track and report on costs. CMMS software tracks everything connected to completed work orders, including parts, labor, and other expenses. Tracking and documenting the service and maintenance history of your assets allows the schedule of preventative maintenance as well as advance notice of “end-of-life” for the asset, allowing you time to budget for replacement.


Utilizing our services and CMMS system provides you with the ability to prove when needed that the proper maintenance of equipment and assets were performed.  You will also have written documentation showing life safety and equipment safety checks were performed when needed.

Premium RUSH Facilities customers have their own secure access to all their equipment records through the CMMS system vault.

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